IAHS Media Center/Library

The Itawamba Agricultural High School Media Center/Library is a hub of student activity.  The librarian helps students develop their capacity to locate, evaluate, and apply information. Classes frequently visit the library to conduct research or seek out materials for pleasure reading. This year we have established an online e-book program where students may check out online books using their cell phones or tablets.  Students also use the library for individual and group study. Students may also purchase an IAHS Yearbook in the media center. 

E- Books


Come by the IAHS Library to get your code for checking out E-Books!


IAHS students are now able to download and use the Open eBooks app for free.  With this app, you can access a library of thousands of popular and award-winning eBooks for free!  We hope the Open eBooks app helps you to develop a love of reading.


How to download the app:

1. Go to the App Store on your device (Apple or Android).  (Not available on Chromebooks now, but coming soon.)

2. Search for “Open eBooks” and follow the instructions to download

3.  Open the app.

4.   Agree to any terms and conditions

5. Enter your code and PIN combination (provided from Mrs. Lauderdale-come by the library and get yours!) when prompted.

6.  Browse the catalog of books available.

7.  Download eBooks of interest and enjoy reading. 

Please note:  when using the app, standard data rates apply. Check with Mrs. Lauderdale for free wireless access that you can use when downloading books.


Please note: You can download 10 eBooks at a time.  Each eBook will be available for 56 days before it must be renewed. 



Have you ordered your 22/23 Yearbook?

If not, click on the link below to order today!