2021 Roster


Proposed Schedule

Sept. 7 @ Tupelo

Sept. 14 @ Oxford
Sept. 21 @ Tupelo
Sept. 28 @ Tupelo
Oct. 5  @ Tupelo
Oct. 16 @ North Half, Cleveland

Oct. 22 @ State Meet, Tupelo


Team Gear

I ask that you support our team store at http://www.swimoutlet.com/itawambaswimming They give us commission on any item bought through their website as long as you enter the website through this attached link. If you want anything added to the team store to make it easier to find, please let me know. 

Practice needs:

Suits (girls must be 1-piece, boys wear jammers) Any color or brand is fine. I have placed some on our store as options. If you are unaware of sizing, there are sizing charts located on the page for each suit.

Goggles (I recommend Speedo Vanquishers and Jr. Vanquishers for more narrow faces) 

Fins (Recommend all swimmers to purchases these this year)



Mesh bag to carry practice gear of fins, kickboard, and paddles.


 Meet Needs:

Swim bag (Recommend a 35L bag from any brand) Put a team color bag on the team store, but it is not required. A bag will last throughout the high school career if properly taken care of

Suit- I recommend that everyone buy a new suit. These suits can last 2 seasons if only worn during meets. The team store has our team suits listed. It is a basic black Speedo Endurance suit.

I will supply the team cap. Swimmers may use practice goggles for meets.